Virtual exhibitions change everything

From New York to Berlin, London to Sao Paolo, Artland 3D let's collectors step into your gallery space and view artworks hanging on the wall from the comfort of their home.

Build lasting relationships with collectors

Grow your network of global collectors. Use the virtual exhibition tour on your own gallery website and on social media to expand your online reach.

Drive sales with an elevated customer experience

Engage collectors with compelling interactive tours of your current exhibition. An elevated experience that should be part of any gallery's digital strategy.

Get your artists and works discovered by collectors

Connect with 50,000+ collectors in the Artland community that want to see your exhibitions and be your next client.

Expand your online presence

Go global! Grow your gallery presence worldwide by monitoring all your activities in one place. Promote your works, artists, shows, and more.

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Invite collectors from around the world into your gallery with 3D technology

Don’t limit yourself - nor your clients. Invite collectors worldwide to experience your shows as if they were really there. With Artland 3D, new and potential clients get a unique opportunity to take on a virtual tour around your gallery space and see both past and current exhibitions ‘live’.

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Drive sales online

Reach a new global audience by uploading artworks for sale on our marketplace.

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Build relations with new collectors

There is a new generation of art buyers eager to grow their collections and network - why not be their first choice? Grow your network and connect with seasoned and aspiring collectors in an easy and effective way.

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Choose the model that matches your needs. Become an Artland Partner Gallery, order 3D recordings of your shows or choose a combination of the two.

Artland Gallery Partnership

Artland CMS System

Unlimited artwork upload

Unlimited collector messages

Social media and newsletter promotion

Gallery profile takeover

Artland 3D shows

3D recordings by a professional team

High resolution installation images

3D video for social media

As an Artland Gallery Partner you get favorable prices and:

Artland Tags that make collectors able to buy works directly from the show

Distribution to the Artland community

*You can choose between packages and order 3D recordings of all your shows throughout the year

Become an Artland Gallery Partner

Find out more about how Artland 3D can help galleries build lasting relationships with the next generation of art buyers.

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Interested in getting to know more?

Schedule a meeting and let us help clarify your questions.Let's talk art.

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We support you 24/7

We are ready to help and guide you - from your very first step into Artland to your continuous dialogues with collectors worldwide. You will work closely with a supporter from the Artland team.