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Join the world's leading provider of virtual 3D exhibitions online and gain access to the largest community of private art collectors and their collections.

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A clear digital strategy is essential. Improve the quality, scope and reach of your gallery's online presence.

Become a partner today and move your gallery beyond.

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A clear digital strategy is essential. Improve the quality, scope and reach of your gallery's online presence.

Become a partner today and move your gallery beyond.

See for yourself

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The world’s leading provider of virtual 3D exhibitions.

The world’s largest community of collectors and art lovers.

The world’s largest library of private collections.

The world's leading provider of virtual 3D exhibitions.

The world's largest community of collectors and art lovers.

The world's largest library of private collections.

Move your gallery everywhere.

Artland 3D changes everything. Move from local to global. Give collectors and art lovers everywhere the ability to experience the look and feel of exhibitions in your gallery premises.

Receive improved attendance numbers for your exhibitions.

Show your exhibition recordings on Artland and reach our community directly.

Publish your recordings on your own website to improve visitor experience and increase your online traffic.

Increase engagement with your social media, newsletters and emails with Artland 3D and 3DMP4 video (optimised for SoMe).

Move your mission Forward.

Document and archive all your gallery’s exhibitions in the world’s leading 3D technology. Capture the uniqueness of your gallery space and the shows it hosts in astonishing detail—store the experience forever.

Create an incredible virtual library of all your exhibitions.

Accurately record and communicate every detail of an exhibition—all the elements as they relate to each other in the gallery space.

Improve and align all internal communications between staff and locations with the 3D recordings.

Use archived recordings for presentations at art fairs, for collectors, institutions and museums to relate individual artworks to the exhibition context in which they were originally shown. 

Share Your Program with our Global Community.

Artland is the world’s foremost online community of collectors. Follow and connect with collectors to build lasting relationships. Share the art that moves you with a new global audience.

Share 3D exhibitions and artworks with our online community of 50,000 app users.

Discover international collectors in the world’s largest database of private art collections.

Message and connect directly with collectors in the Artland community.

The most read art magazine in the Nordics and the fastest growing digital art movement in the world.

Give the art you sell maximum visibility.

Use Artland 3D as a sales tool to optimise and convert all existing and new sales opportunties. Ensure that potential buyers globally can see your exhibitions and act upon their interest. Do all you can to never miss a sales opportunity again.

Improve your sales presentations in all digital channels and media. Share your exhibitions with collectors unable to visit.

Turn your recordings into an extra sales resource by including tags and direct requests.

Unlimited uploads of artworks to Artland’s own marketplace and direct contact with prospective buyers.

Get exposure for your artworks through Artland’s curated newsletters, Artland Web, Artland App and Artland Social Media channels.

Viewing Rooms.
Move beyond your physical space.

Create extra exhibitions with Artland’s highly versatile proprietary Viewing Room technology. Present works in a stunning virtual space and expand your exhibiting and selling opportunities by giving your collectors a better viewing experience.

Create more exhibitions than your physical program allows.

Create entire digital exhibitions to grow your program. Present single artists, create no-risk experiment with new artists, develop thematically curated or secondary market offerings.

Replace the outdated pdf presentation model.

Includes high resolution and zoom view capabilities.

Art Guide.
Move the Attention to Your Exhibitions.

Become a part of the most compelling IOS Art Guide in the World, with 2,000+ gallery listings. Encourage more visitors to your gallery by promoting your exhibitions to a dedicated audience. 14 day free trial period. Art Guide on Web is launched in begin 2020.

Control your Artland Gallery Profile and marketplace with unlimited uploads.

Free use of marketplace with unlimited uploads of installations images and artworks to your exhibition.

Highlighted on the Art Guide

Access to Artland Collector Community

Download Art Guide Information

Google Ranking.
Move to the top of search rankings.

Ensure your gallery is found at the top of the page when collectors and art lovers search your artist’s names. Artland can get your gallery ranked first when searches are made for your artists, gain increased traffic to your website and not to third party sites, and can even re-market to your website visitors to increase the prospect of their return. Please inquire for details and for pricing.

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Become an Artland Partner 


Marketplace + Art Guide

For galleries to increase exposure and

visitors, including a free online marketplace



Management of Gallery Profile Page in Artland

All exhibitions listed and highlighted on Artland and the Art Guide

Installation images in Gallery exhibition listings on Artland and in the Art Guide

Free use of marketplace with unlimited uploads on Web and App

Access to Artland Collector Community

Push notifications to collectors about all your updates

10% sales commission 

14 days free trial period


Artland 3D

For galleries to grow their own digital 

channels, optimise sales potential and revolutionize their exhibition archiving.



Basic plan included

All exhibitions in Artland 3D with unlimited

hosting space

Catalogue information and artwork inquiry tags in Artland 3D recordings

Embed codes for publishing 3D recordings on

your own website

Artland 3D preview feature in the Art Guide listing

Social media and newsletter promotion

Installation images & MP4 Video for

Social Media

Viewing Rooms - Exclusive online exhibitions


Artland Featured

For galleries to customize comprehensive

digital solutions.


Premium plan included

Featured in banner on gallery section on

Costumized online sales consultation

Upload Service for all data entry

Google AdWords setup & administration

Google StreetView 

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